Workshop: Digital Content Lab

Posted on September 28, 2015

Workshop: Digital Content Lab


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You can hear people talking about digital trends everywhere. But do all of them manage to keep the pace with those trends? Definitely, not. The digital world opens a number of possibilities in brand promotion, at the same time setting some demands and limitations. Though modern technology empowers extreme flexibility of any digital material, it requires really much time and budget to introduce changes. So, if you want to keep the content relevant and up-to-date, you should be ready to spend resources constantly.


Is there any chance to cut down on that and make the process of content creation, editing and distribution a cost-effective one? What can be done to focus all the efforts on customer needs? How to quickly  update the marketing materials to match those needs?


We start series of workshops, which will guide you through the digital content management from the very beginning. You will discover the ease of independent HTML5 apps creation, eDetailing development, website building. Also we’ll show you the ultimate digital solutions to cut down time and money on changes introduction, multichannel distribution and feedback capturing.


Sign up for our expert session on September 30th at 3 p.m. CEST to find out perfect solutions for rapid mobile content creation and management on global and local levels.