Successful communication with physicians and patients through interactive content

Posted on August 20, 2015

Successful communication with physicians and patients through interactive content


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Building value dialogue with customers, oriented on their current needs, is of vital importance in efficient pharma brand promotion. Life Sciences companies are expected to compete on the basis of customer experience, as we have mentioned recently in our article. To differentiate from the competitors, the marketers have to establish unique and highly personalized communication with their target audience. That is possible in case one can meet his customers on any channel with marvelous content in the time of customer need.


By presenting products in the engaging form and collecting live customer feedback for further updates to match all stakeholders’ demands, pharma companies can win customer loyalty. Keeping the finger on the pulse of the ever-changing market needs and the ability to adapt the marketing strategy to them instantly, will allow staying several steps ahead of the competition.


During our next expert webinar we’ll gladly share with you the solutions to produce engaging digital content cost-effectively in a matter of hours, not months; to reach target audience via multiple screens and channels; to improve your sales force efficiency during face-to-face visits and to deliver value to your customers they can’t get elsewhere.


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NB! The webinar will be conducted in Russian.