Flexible eDetailing: a true story about independence

Posted on June 04, 2015

Flexible eDetailing: a true story about independence


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Life sciences companies, on one hand, have a wide choice of technology solutions for efficient product promotion with the help of eDetailing and CLM tools for its demonstration. On the other hand, the diversity of CLM systems from different providers sets a number of restrictions, evoking the necessity for universal interactive content, compatible or easily adaptable to any of them.


When it comes to content production, the process proves to be too resources consuming: the primary idea comes a long way to its final realization from a creative to digital agency that requires more investments. As a result, HTML5 content is built for a single CLM system and calls for some additional time and budget on its adaptation.


In our 30-minutes webinar, we are going to show the unique solution to all those challenges –Cobalt engine, which brings a unified standard into eDetailing development. This unique engine allows producing engaging HTML5 presentations just with basic programming skills. Tuning and automating the development process, it not only helps to keep the code clean, but also significantly cuts down on resources consumption.


Join us on June 5th at 3 p.m. CEST to discover how to get true independence with unified API for building universal eDetailing.