Clean code – the key to successful development

Posted on December 21, 2015

Clean code – the key to successful development


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Messy code, which is also called “spaghetti code”, is a headache of thousands developers worldwide. The problem is that it is hard to introduce changes into it, as they may have an unpredictable impact on some other part of the code. Except that, it constantly requires debugging, thus demanding some additional time on it. It’s no surprise that maintaining such code can really drive mad anyone. That’s why lots of programmers are looking for a solution, which will allow to standardize their code, without any need in some additional testing or refactoring, especially in the night before release.

If you are one of them – join our free webinar on December 23d at 4.30 PM CET to discover a unique standard for HTML5 presentations development, which will help you to keep the code clean and reusable.