Writing HTML5 code is way too complicated? The updated Cobalt Engine version busts that myth

Posted on September 17, 2015

Writing HTML5 code is way too complicated? The updated Cobalt Engine version busts that myth

Our customers are of the first priority, that is why we constantly test our Cobalt HTML framework and check what works out and what should be improved. The framework becomes even more powerful, stable and light-weighted with each update, streamlining eDetailing development and making it a well-tuned process.


We have processed all your demands, thoughtfully chosen the most burning and today, we are happy to present you the latest Cobalt Engine version – 1.11.1, which includes all your current requirements to the framework.




The inquiries we have received most often are about extending the animation capabilities with some new options. Therefore, we have accepted the challenge and introduced a new attribute into Animate binder, which allows to define the initial state of the animated element. Besides, we have fixed the option of animation delay during viewing a presentation on iPad and now the animation appears more smoothly and in time.


With the new Navigation binder, added to the Cobalt platform, you can seamlessly choose any place for any element on the slide. You can reposition the interactive components right the way you want to arrange them as well. What is more, after building a presentation, you can edit the navigation you have created with the help of this module, in eWizard eDetailing Cloud.


The latest version of the Model module helps to dynamically load the model for the current slide from the .json file. That gives an opportunity to configure the state of the other modules, such as carousel or slider without using a specific controller. If you need to change the elements, configured with the help of this module, you can easily do it right on the Cobalt platform or introduce changes in eWizard.


Except that, we have increased the number of generators as well. For example, from now on you can assign name to any of the slides, remove them from the structure or even delete them together with all the media files, related to those slides. In addition, you can easily shape your presentation structure, thus creating your own custom scenario. To do that, you should run the command `co slide slide-id --chapter chapter-id`, which will create a new slide and add it to the specified chapter.


The updated Cobalt HTML platform significantly simplifies your work with the whole chapters – only by using the necessary generators, you can create a new chapter, name it or remove from the presentation structure.


The latest version of Cobalt framework makes the localization process as easy as pie. All you have to do to create a new localization is to enter the following command in the console: `co lang new-language` and the language will be added. Also, you can add a new language while using another one as origin. That means that the generator applied will create a separate folder for the new language and copy all the localization files from the existing one). The generator `co lang language --set` allows creating a new localization and apply it to the presentation as a current one.


To summarize, all the updates introduced to the framework, including small bug fixes, are aimed at facilitating your everyday routine and cutting down on the unnecessary operations. Working with animation, components placements, slides, chapters and localizations has never been that easy – everything can be done with several simple commands.


Breathing the new life into HTML, Cobalt expands the opportunity of creating unlimited presentations with unique content just in a matter of days. You do not need to wait for months or double-check each line of code – just step aside and watch how the framework is doing everything instead of you. After you are done, we will be glad to hear from you – what you have liked most and what needs some additional improvements.


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