Turn your compass toward success: get your sales and marketing teams working together

Posted on September 15, 2015

Turn your compass toward success: get your sales and marketing teams working together

Sales and Marketing: they are like hard-working bees, who begin their flight to earn more potential customers from the early working day. They are trying to achieve the same company’s goals, but coming from different directions. Sometimes teams can be genuine friends, but sometimes they even don`t get along with each other. 

Building a strong connection between sales and marketing team – a true love story and one more successful step forward. It has already been proved that companies with strong sales and marketing alignment get 20% annual revenue growth. Only by achieving tight relationships between sales and marketing team, organization wins 67% of an increase in closing deals and that is not the last pleasant moment of so-called “smarketing” connection. Let`s look at the most important ones. 



Marshall Lager, Managing Principal at Third Idea Consulting:
“No matter how the CRM industry evolves, getting the sales and marketing teams to synergize is organizational goal number one. Every success grows from their collaboration and free exchange of ideas, because you can`t serve the customer right when your best people are working blind.” 

Thus, one of the priorities of the company should be the realization of a potential of both teams and, of course, reaching harmony within the teams. How easy can it be to engage each team into collaborative work and create such working atmosphere, in which each employee has a supporting role and appears to be a detail of one working machine?




Communication between the sales and marketing remains a crucial factor of business development. By building a cohesive team, the sales process becomes easier. Open, trustful communication is the ingredient that will reveal a clear path for your coordinated SMarketing strategy.

Sales people know the picture of an ideal customer, while marketing team can customize the database to the portrait of the perfect customers with ease. So, why not to get them talking and sharing their views? While one team is working on searching of vital information and insights regarding markets, customers, another team makes necessary contacts, cold calls and promote the product. 



Rob Begg in his Article pointed out, that creation of strong alignment requires three things: clarity, collaboration, consistency. One must clearly know the tasks of each other, what to expect and what the roles are. It will lead to coordinated work and well-planned activities. Only a tight collaboration between teams will definitely bring outstanding results. Consistency means the continuing discussion for achieving better understanding and encourage team work, to be more than just friends – become a real united family. 



The power of sales and marketing alignment opens a new field for collaboration and complementarity. The main thing remains to understand the roles of each team, paying attention to their individual strengthens and allocate responsibilities. 

David Parker, Strategic Marketing Communication Specialist: 
“Sales should be making sales and marketing should be creating programs and materials to make the sales process easier. And both should correctly represent the company brand – continuously, consistently and correctly.”


Time for sales and marketing people to gather together!