The right cross-platform framework – a strong and reliable foundation for interactive content production

Posted on October 22, 2015

The right cross-platform framework – a strong and reliable foundation for interactive content production

The foundation – the most important part of every building and the guarantee of longevity and structural strength of the house. The perfect construction always stands on the correct foundation, while any defect will lead to the possible destruction. It is actually very similar to the creation of valuable product content. To be sure that an interactive presentation of the product will be a successful one, you need to build it on the firm base as well.


Theoretically, framework tools are invented to make the process of program development easier and quicker. What do developers think about the cross-platform tools? The next research proves, that for 53% of developers using such software, it significantly saves app development time. This time can be reduced up to more than 50% with the usage of such smart frameworks.                                 

Nowadays, digital world suggests us a great deal of excellent opportunities to streamline the design process. There is no need now to be a professional programmer to develop the slides of the interactive presentation. One can smoothly create, edit and improve product materials, obtaining only basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript technologies and must-know codes.


But how to choose the best from the most popular frameworks? What main features do we must pay attention to? How to be sure that our choice will be the best?


There are several criteria, which an ideal tool should fill:


1. Security and speed

Any tool is potentially very vulnerable. To reduce the risk, select the framework that will provide approved security functions. It will guarantee you protection and peace of mind while doing your business.


2. Simplicity and flexibility

Simplicity and flexibility, as the most important feature of any application is the other criterion, which should be taken into account. How easy will it be to learn and use the tool? The first-class CSS responsive framework main benefits are time- and resources-saving. It includes all the necessary features, and is light-weighted at the same time. That helps to easily use it and run the right command at the moment of need.


3. Efficiency

How many additional functions does the framework of your choice have? Are they effective in working with the engine? It is rather important whether the tool of your choice will be easily scalable and compatible with some other patterns and modules.


4. Support

Technical support from the framework owner is one of the key importance for any tool, and the frameworks especially. How easily can you find the answers to all questions? Maybe it’s be better to address the professional support team? The support team of the most popular framework will offer you valuable pieces of advice, unlocking the chains on your way to perfect app creation.


5. Cost-effectiveness

We adore various digital solutions, because they simplify our life and the whole business process. They make our goals and aims come true without delay. Everyone will agree, that cost-effectiveness is one of the best benefits of any tool or framework.


Let`s have a closer look at the simple HTML framework - Cobalt Engine. What do we see? Cobalt framework perfectly fits all the above-mentioned criteria. The expanded functionalities of the engine give you all the keys to high-quality content production. Cobalt guarantees you speed of HTML5 presentations production and ease of use. What`s more, the possibility to add interactive elements to the slides, using simple commands and code reusability will bring you the feeling of full freedom and transform the results of work into the real masterpiece.


Consider Cobalt Engine if you are looking for:


- Seamless HTML5 presentations development

- Responsive web developed framework

- Supersonic speed

- Cross-platform usage

- Exceptional service

- A variety of modules to match any development needs

- Automated development environment


You can also discover the new options of the updated Cobalt Engine version or find out how to use the framework with a series of step-by-step video tutorials.