The Digital Pharma Advances Conference

Posted on October 21, 2015

The Digital Pharma Advances Conference

Innovative digital strategies delivering real results


The Digital Pharma Advances Conference assembles powerfully targeted healthcare professionals, digital marketing managers, executive directors of leading pharmaceutical companies and experts on the innovative digital trends to share the best possible experience in establishing truly influential digital communication, building of multichannel patient-centric digital engagement and empowering sales and marketing forces.


The schedule

The schedule of the conference touches the every angle to the most complex and central issues of the pharmaceutical DIGI world and creates ideal atmosphere for sharing expertise in the following areas:

•    Digital upcoming trends, tools and technologies: coordinated company`s transformation with integrated digital solutions.
•    Building a strong relationship through multichannel communication. 
•    Delivering coherent, cutting-edge marketing campaigns to grab attention of target audience.


Our speaker

  • Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven, CLM expert


Nataliya Andreychuk, chief executive officer at Viseven, is a leading expert in Digital Pharma and CLM implementation. She aims at delivering a value for Clients in the sphere of their Business Development at no outrageous costs but with a good portion of quality and confidence allowing them to improve their user experience, avoiding changing their Business Principals and Convenient Tools, but helping to develop and perfect them. Besides, Nataliya brings the eDetailing creation expertise to the new team, unites them with the common ideas and beneficial goals by providing a clear vision and strategy of the new company development. Before joining the Viseven team, Nataliya had a strong background experience in marketing, business analytics and software development. Recently, Nataliya has been conducting a number of trainings and master-classes, sharing her expertise and participating in the most impactful healthcare, IT and marketing events.


The venue

America Square – one of the brightest London conference venues, which is located in the central part of London, among architectural prominent city landmarks, such as Tower Bridge, Tower of London, London Bridge, Whitechapel Gallery. Discover remarkable fortress – Tower of London – the most imposing historical site of London or stroll along the bridge, looking at the picturesque view of the river Themes.

You can also easily get to the nearest Underground station Tower Hill, which is only 1 min walk from the conference center, and continue your fabulous journey across the diverse and exciting city to all the way round.

For more information about the event visit official Viseven website