Mobile-friendliness as a must: why should I optimize web pages for mobile devices?

Posted on June 13, 2016

Mobile-friendliness as a must: why should I optimize web pages for mobile devices?

Farewell to desktop computers

Digital universe has been changing immensely these days. We are pretty far away from using only desktops while being at the office or at home. Figuratively speaking, the world of now is littered with digital gadgets of any kind – cell phones, tablets, smartphones, phablets, and whatnot. People are eager to go mobile in order to keep in touch with all the daily activities they have. You should be able to not only talk when you are out but also do some shopping, look up in the city guide map or find a nearby café to drop by. That is why old school desktop computers are not an option anymore. Nowadays we are living, as Forrester has precisely put it, in the post-PC era.

The era of digital natives

Fortunately, digital mobile technology has gradually become as a common thing in our life as, for instance, your car or home appliances, which are in fact also half-stuffed with electronics. New generation is often called digital natives in modern media, which is quite opposite to the old one – digital immigrants. Some recent statistical data state that around 75% of adult Internet users in the USA have more than two digital mobile devices. Here we can infer that they literally make up their minds to switch to digital mobile communication. Surprisingly, but businesses seem not to follow this trend at large. They are way too reluctant to think of investing their surplus funds into something new and risky. CEOs might guess that it is quite enough to make their business prosperous by having only a website, designed solely for PC users. They are definitely wrong and we will surely demonstrate you the reasons why in the following facts.

Double down to succeed

Luckily, there are business owners who realize crystal clear that going mobile is the only way out. They want their products to be competitive enough on the digital market, thus, they need them to become mobile-friendly. What do we mean by speaking about mobile friendliness when it comes to promotion of your products or services? Primarily, we imply effectiveness. All your web-based projects once employed and succeeded must be redesigned, though keeping in mind some positive points. The common mistake you will make if you happen to think that a website can be viewed on the smartphone screen in an appropriate way. No way. You will definitely lose by far the most of your existing customers and won’t benefit from getting new ones. The problem here is as follows: web pages are not adjustable to a phone or tablet screen in most cases. They contain a lot of irrelevant details, which are of no use in the mobile mode. Such superfluous bells and whistles can only hamper and distract customers from the very content. None of them is happy about pinching to zoom images, horizontal scrolling and pushing mistakenly a bunch of buttons. Eventually, there should be some sort of way out to get rid of it.

Every digital cloud has a silver lining

There exist ready-to-use suites, which can assist you greatly in mobile digital development no matter it is just a redesign of a micro website or a brand new solution. Being engaged in mobile, web and interactive presentations development for more than 6 years, we have been tending to simplify and streamline the workflow. Thus, we have worked out the solutions that help to standardize development and allow building apps, micro websites or eDetailing presentations in a couple of weeks instead of months – Cobalt Engine entailing eWizard. Digital mobile decision-makers and marketers have shown high interest in these integrated tools, as they help to transform their businesses. The reason is that this powerful all-in-one set of tools enables us to create a unique HTML5 content, which can further be used across various channels – in a form of eDetailing presentation, micro website or mass mailing campaign. In order to mobile adopt such content you just employ eWizard and get a possibility to customize it with a number of responsive templates and styles. Thus, it will guarantee the perfect engagement of your digital mobile content and flourishing of your business. To get more info about this solution, do not hesitate to e-mail us and request a free demo.