Main reasons to create HTML5 presentations with Cobalt Engine

Posted on September 30, 2015

Main reasons to create HTML5 presentations with Cobalt Engine

HTML5 – the language that is gradually becoming a new mobile-app development stream. All over the world, developers use this language as it has its own huge benefits: it is faster, cheaper and reduces time spent on production of a good mobile application. Except that, it contains a number of possibilities to create visual effects and to use exciting features and dynamic points for developers. Simple HTML5 code opens the path for a real world of virtual reality! How amazing is to create your own application, edit it any time you need, add interactive content, video, animation just in several clicks.  


However, to remain competitive, we need always to keep track of the latest digital innovations in all spheres, related to company's business and be even more adaptive and sensitive to any changes in the market than we are now. In this case, rapid production of interactive materials, empowered by useful options and functionalities of the framework, will win.


If to talk about life sciences companies, they can solve lots of issues on their way to customer loyalty. Digital technologies give tremendous opportunities for them. Only with CSS, HTML5 it becomes possible for any developer, even the beginner, to make necessary changes just in a few minutes, speeding up the process of eDetailing creation.


How can you apply these main features in your business? In fact, to satisfy all customer needs, you need to understand their values and preferences, what each of them is expecting from you. It becomes quite challenging to get to know such kind of information and build effective conversation. However, with the use of eDetailing, there're no more walls and gaps between pharma companies and physicians. And the unique HTML5 standard Cobalt Engine empowers the seamless creation of the interactive presentations. With this powerful framework, everything becomes simple, easy and as clear as a day. Interactive content, created on the basis of our engine, allows to involve all stakeholders into a successful communicative process.


Let`s go further and see how HTML5, CSS, JavaScript change the way we compresence the web pages. These languages made invaluable changes and contributed to smarter progress in the universe of design and development of the websites and applications.


We can't but mention a huge number of new functions and features implemented in CSS to simplify and facilitate the developers' lives. The main of them are connected with provision of aesthetic page or slide view. The developers can create different visual effects using this language. If to talk about HTML5 language, it is perfect for content production as it gives an opportunity to create digital content, previously only possible with Flash technologies. Using Cobalt Engine – a unique standard for HTML5 presentation development, you can easily get great looking and stylish slides with various rich and interactive media, including videos, animation, guided questions and smooth slides sequencing.  


Also, in case you need to build app, you will have to use a special cross-platform framework. Just the same, if you need to build HTML5 presentation, likewise to create useful and effective content, you have to get armed with the most perfect digital solution, which will combine quality and speed, keeping code clean at the same time.


Unique HTML5 design framework Cobalt Engine is a new standard that provides new capabilities for interactive presentations creation. It empowers you to achieve wonderful results with a help of its outstanding functionalities, spending less time and budget on content production. You can create your own slides just having some basic knowledge in programming. In addition, presentations made in Cobalt framework, are compatible with any CLM system. We have prepared special Video Tutorials for you, which will be of great help and assistance during your acquaintance with the framework. To discover more details about the framework, visit our official website or contact us right away.