Interactive content and CLM tools: blessing or trouble?

Posted on December 03, 2015

Interactive content and CLM tools: blessing or trouble?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

The problem of costly promotion and advertising suffocates most modern companies. It holds back their success, like an octopus holds its victim with tentacles. Huge budgets are spent yearly on the way of the brands to its customers. Undoubtedly, they are not wasted in vain. However, it will be much better, if some money can be saved, without spoiling the positive impact of each marketing campaign.

While trying to create the positive brand image, companies invest into developing awareness and establishing presence on various communication channels. The question is that just reaching more audiences is not enough, as well as telling them how beautiful your brand and products are. What really matters is the demand for information you deliver. To be brief, the relevance of the information plays the leading part in communication with customers. And that relevance can be achieved if you see customer reaction to the content you show them, and track their attitude to it. Luckily, the technology revolution suggests a refined solution to that – a variety of CLM tools, which help not only to demonstrate content, but also collect customer impressions from it. Later on, it allows to adapt interactive materials to what each of the stakeholders is eager to see and hear.

The only small problem is that the more different CLM systems exist, the harder it is to create universal materials, which will fit several or all of them. Why is that a challenge?

Imagine that you have been working for a long time with 1 provider of CLM solutions for your company. Some day for some reasons you decide/need/have to change it. A new one comes and – ouch! – you have lots of interactive product presentations, which are simply not compatible with the new tool. They neither do not run in it, nor track KPIs. In fact, they are useless, so you need to start this long costly process of their creation from scratch. Losing not only additional money, but also priceless time to communicate with your customers. Looks not so good, doesn’t it?

Seems like easy solution of costly advertising comes in place again. Can anything be done to resolve it? Sure – creating universal flexible content from the very beginning will allow to easily open and use it in any CLM tool, on any device. Thus, if a need to change a provider arises, you will not be chained with the software restrictions. You will seamlessly switch between CLM instruments, using all the power of your ready-made interactive content in each of them. The main point is – you will not need to spend enormous budgets on it any more. Want to know how to do that? Feel free to contact us for more information – we will gladly share our expertise.

And may the budgets be with you.