How to build a constructive dialogue with physicians using all eDetailing features

Posted on October 27, 2015

How to build a constructive dialogue with physicians using all eDetailing features

eDetailing together with other interactive modern technologies has become an irreplaceable must-have tool in the hands of company`s field force. It advances medical product demonstration and enhances communication during the call, thus allowing med reps to achieve successful results. The sales representative remains the main driving force of any marketing strategy, yet eDetailing gradually becomes the backbone of it. Never before has communication between pharma industry and physicians been so rapid and exceptionally resultative as with the high-quality interactive materials.


One of the recent surveys states that about 78% of doctors who have participated in eDetailing, expressed their willing to continue working with it in future, while 68% of doctors who have acquainted with medical products via tablet details, state that they are extremely satisfied with the experience.


 There are indeed huge benefits for them:

  • Access to the updated information and flexibility. It takes time for doctors to find relevant information about the medical products and pharma services. However, using flexible eDetailing standard, med reps can edit and deliver relevant messages immediately, regardless of distance and intervals of time, across different channels.


  • Efficient and convenient interaction. eDetailing offers more handy opportunities for creation of exceptional interaction and building constructive dialogues with healthcare professionals. It is very easy and convenient for the doctor to get patient classification and other details of the products just from the presentation.


  • Engaging content. Proper data is compiled in interactive form. The available options, varying from animated slides to high-quality pictures, videos, slideshows, make the presentation more attractive. That allows to completely involve and encourage life science experts into a true two-way conversation, while guided questions help to gather useful feedback and KPIs to understand all customer needs. In addition, it provides an opportunity to engage customers into the meaningful dialogues, as well as makes the whole process of eDetailing development much easier and quicker.


By Dr. Andrée K. Bates:

“There is no doubt that detailing directly to the doctor serves an important purpose. Physicians want and need information from the sales representatives – but on their own time terms. eDetailing can potentially provide physicians with a more convenient means of getting the information they want at a time that suits them.

To make a great beginning for your future interaction with healthcare professionals and build valuable conversation you need first to consider deeply on the professional tool or user-friendly eDetailing framework, providing you with the opportunity of cost-effective and value-driven presentations production.


There are numerous options of cross-platform frameworks. The most valuable criteria of your future tool for app building are security and speed, simplicity and flexibility, efficiency and functionality, support, cost-effectiveness. We suggest you a great digital solution – a special eDetailing platform for high-quality content production, editing and distribution – Cobalt Engine, which arms you with unlimited opportunities for creation of smart interactive presentations, which contribute to successful digital interactions with pharma experts around the globe.


As every cross-platform framework for apps development, Cobalt Engine has numerous functions. From now on, your content is in your hands: starting from selection of the background colors and types to pasting any pictures, videos and pieces of text you like. Additionally, simple commands in HTML5 environment, empower you to easily create slides with animation, videos, and interactive questions. A carefully prepared series of video tutorials will provide you with guidance through all the stages of using Cobalt environment. We will show you how to use the main commands and acquaint you with the high-performance framework for HTML5 eDetailing development. Experience freedom of building effective engaging dialogues with the help of interactive content, powered by Cobalt Engine.