How to align pharma marketing and IT providers to create impactful digital strategy?

Posted on June 22, 2016

How to align pharma marketing and IT providers to create impactful digital strategy?

Customers of now prefer going digital

Nowadays one could hardly name a country without Internet connection or a person without at least one Internet access gadget. People are much enthusiastic about acquiring cutting-edge technologies in their everyday life – at home, school, office or any other place. According to recent research, done by Forrester, 2.4 billion people across the world use the Internet on a regular basis. Feel quite surprised? But there's more - it is expected to grow to 3.5 billion by 2017, representing nearly half of the 2017 overall world population of 7.4 billion. Thus, it is going to be the global digitalization. And the reason is pretty simple – people endeavor to optimize their lives, that is to make routine things more comfortable and easy to deal with. Digital era offers smart solutions. No one would like to waste much of their daytime and efforts just on going shopping or visiting a doctor anymore.

Keeping up with your customers

Therefore, business owners, CEOs and marketers have to stay in step with their customers to be competitive on today’s market. They are to fight not just for customer engagement but rather for digital customer engagement. Is there any chance for them to survive? Or are they doomed to bankruptcy, leaving businesses to new comers who are supposed to know more about digital strategies? Probably not. What are marketers meant to do so far? Without even thinking twice, the answer is aligning with IT providers. This is also true about pharma marketing as one of the most digitally dependable area.

When marketing meets IT

Let’s make it clear in what cases marketing correlates with IT sphere. Digital marketing predominantly zeroes in on collecting customer data, which marketers must rely on doing their marketing strategy analysis. Employing conventional channels when it comes to accumulate customer data in not sufficient anymore. Leaning to the successful customer engagement strategy presupposes using of database and CRM system approach. Getting information directly via digital channels enables business experts to interactively obtain by far the fullest picture of customer experiences. This in turn allows decision-makers to tailor the marketing process thus achieving the best results in engaging target customers. Such digital marketing strategy by all means contributes greatly to yielding upcoming profit for all the stakeholders. That’s why the year of 2016 has been called to be the year to align marketing and IT departments.  

Bridging the digital gap in pharma business

How can pharma companies benefit from such marketing-IT alignment? Firstly, it helps pharma business build up a smart operation process and cost-effective product promotion. For instance, there are ready-made digital solutions that speed up interactions of marketing and IT departments, thus saving your employees a lot of time. Secondly, optimized workflow due to this alignment accounts for smart communication process with customers. It means that you can easily deliver product data to customers and get a prompt respond from them. Thanks to IT professionals and marketers the received data can be timely analyzed, updated and tailored according to your customers’ wants and needs. Such a client-oriented approach will be highly appreciated by your customers, ensure customer engagement and satisfy your business expectations. Want more details on such digital solutions? Don’t hesitate to e-mail us.