Exceptional multichannel customer engagement with Cobalt, eWizard, Viseven

Posted on April 10, 2015

Exceptional multichannel customer engagement with Cobalt, eWizard, Viseven

Viseven Europe OU team has just come back from eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2015, where has launched digital solutions for life sciences communication: Cobalt, eWizard and Viseven.


The solutions enable to deliver a key-message to all the stakeholders – HCOs, physicians, insurance companies and even allow going directly to the patients. Also, they help to cut down budgets on eDetailing creation, adaptation, localization and activate all the available channels for interactive content distribution.


The unique standard for HTML5 presentations development empowers to create eDetailing from scratch much quicker and build it into any CLM system. The engine doesn’t require to waste resources or debugging and refactoring and helps to keep the code clean.


Dynamic KPIs allow instant monitoring your sales force efficiency and materials’ relevance to update the latter in time. Thus, you can get actionable insights into your customers’ needs and anticipate their demands the next time.


Make your customer of the primary importance while developing and implementing your marketing strategy. Show your target audience real value of communication, supplying them with the information they need when it is convenient for them and increasing their loyalty to your products.


Have a look at our short video to discover how to succeed in building insightful two-way communication with your customers.