eDetailing production: from the blank page to the ready presentation

Posted on December 14, 2015

eDetailing production: from the blank page to the ready presentation

Doctors find eContent very attractive and engaging. It disrupts their daily routine. In addition, it doesn`t take a lot of time to watch through the slides of the presentation, catch the essence of a key message and valuable points. It saves their time, is extremely flexible and convenient.


The process of app development isn`t an easy one. It consists of several stages. Each requires detailed consideration of all points, ideas and problematic issues.


The first and the most is generating ideas. The main point of this stage is to draw in your head the picture of a future story, which will help you effectively present your products on the call.


What are the techniques of producing colorful ideas? George Bernard Shaw pointed out, that if one person has an apple and another person has an apple, so when they exchange these apples, they will still have one apple. However, if they have ideas and exchange them, the results will be doubled – they will have several ideas.


There`s also another good point – to write down all ideas, that come to your head, wherever you are, at any time. Paying attention to the world around helps to see and concentrate on small details, which in combination form the beautiful picture. Ideas work the same. Observing the world, keeping in mind necessary information, points and interweaving them with each other – is what someone needs to generate wonderful ideas. Talk about them with your colleagues, share and surprising results will not keep you waiting for long.


“If there an idea that keeps coming back to you in different forms and messages – pursue it!”


Transform your ideas into interactive content, the stage of presentation development. Once you come up with ideas you are ready to work on their transformation. For this, you need to be armed with advanced digital technologies. For instance, CSS responsive framework is a specially developed application for programmers to faster the process of content production and to make their life easier. It is not only cost-saving, but also very convenient and user-friendly. Each responsive web framework has set of special codes, which help to quickly create a high-quality presentation of your product, adapt slides, make necessary corrections and continue shaping brand promotion strategy.


Cobalt Engine is a universal standard for powerful HTML5 presentation production. It empowers you with unlimited opportunities for developing high-quality product content and implement the best business ideas, using interactivity and animation. The numerous functions of a cost-effective framework allows to create an ideal digital story of your brand and engage physicians into a constructive dialogue during the call. It guarantees you speed and ease of use.


Improvise! Each HTML5 responsive framework has different features and functions; Cobalt framework provides the team of developers with the possibility to create animated slides, using ready codes. Make your presentation colorful to highlight your business ideas and main features of the products, think about graphics and questions to engage doctors into a memorable conversation. Cobalt has its own functionalities in comparison with other css responsive frameworks. For example, add to your presentation pie charts, round sliders, carousel, accordion tabs, drag panels, expand spiders, graphs and many other elements to create an enchanting presentation. To get detailed information about the Cobalt framework and its functions, visit official Cobalt Engine website.


Time doesn`t stand still and we either. You can create your apps in HTML5 web developed responsive framework, but how to be aware of subtle market changes during the period of time?


Collect feedback from the customers just touching the screen of iPad and gather dynamic KPIs with the combination of digital solutions: eWizard eDetailing cloud+CRM and CLM systems. By the way, you can integrate your presentation into any CRM system. Visual dashboards will effectively present you collected data, while smart analytics results – provide you with precise information.


Gradually, we are coming to the last stage. After receiving data from target audience, you understand points, that were valuable for them or, on the contrary, not understandable. Thus, improve, customize and adapt your created eContent according to collected feedback. Check your material and shape it with eWizard to reach target audience and deliver the value, develop everlasting closed loop marketing!