Cobalt recommends - drag and drop functionality in eWizard

Posted on April 29, 2015

Cobalt recommends - drag and drop functionality in eWizard

Visualize your best idea for product promotion easily with a new functionality in eWizard – drag and drop designer. Elements on the slides are no more static – you can create own highly personalized templates, choosing the proper components for each slide, resizing them and arranging according to your needs.


Experience the real flexibility of the interactive presentations creation in a single click:

  • Fill up a unique slide with the necessary multimedia elements: upload videos, pictures, text, sliders, cards and adjust their size;
  • Rearrange the slide components merely by dragging and dropping them;
  • Track the customer impressions from each slide and update the elements, easily removing them or replacing with ones that are more appropriate.

Build visually stunning targeted presentations even faster than ever and share them across channels to create a positive customer experience.