4 rules that are the driving force of the Viseven team

Posted on April 29, 2015

4 rules that are the driving force of the Viseven team


Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven Europe, shared 4 rules that are the driving force of the Viseven team.


1. Become your business devotee – being a good marketer is not enough to rise to the top with your business. You must be as keen as mustard of what you do. Demonstrate your emotions and eagerness to your clients and partners to engage them. Make sure they have the comprehensive insight of what you do, reveal the story of your product, its benefits and mission. Involve experts in your team!


2. Be customer centric – provide the quality services. The importance of high-quality service can be relegated to the background during quick growth and success. It is vitally important to remember – if you provide your customers with the topflight service, they will address you next time instead of your competitors.


3. Employ for attitude, train for skills. Employees attitude to job, industry; their worldview is exactly just the same important as expertise and professional skills. Profitability emerges from this very approach. Those who enjoy their own and team's job and are eager to work dedicatedly – will form the core of your company.


4. Motivate, motivate and motivate. Regardless of a company or business size, employees of all levels are the driving force that can make your company rise to the top or destroy it. Investigation of your employees’ needs and expectations is extremely important. Your team is of no less significance than your customers are.