3 doubled features of compelling design for your web pages

Posted on December 28, 2015

3 doubled features of compelling design for your web pages

When you are strolling the web sites, your view stops on the style, as well as particularly main design elements: images, animation, video, fonts option. If all is done in a harmonious way, chances are high, that person will continue discovering the site and developers, in their turn, will hit the goal – to implement the ever compelling design solution and attract even more people.


“Design matters.” And we are not the only one, who consider this statement - true. Actually, there`s a good thought-provoking radio show of the same name with Debbie Millman, in which she talks with her guests: designers, illustrators, film makers, art directors and other.


Richard Grefé, executive director of AIGA:

 “Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.”


The idea of your company without well-supported design could keep your customers far from your website away. How customer could know the benefits, which they will get, buying your products or services. An ideal website will be a step to engage your customer into the dialogue, beginning from the first page to the very end and unveil all the possibilities of your products and services.


Simplicity and elegance


“Simple” – the word, which can have a pinch of neutral coloring, when we can say that something is not bad, but doesn`t evoke palette of emotions. However, “simplicity”, in its turn, is of one great thing. Imagine the web site: it can be simple, without additional bright, extra lime colors to attract out attention, but with it - very understandable, each detail on its own place, user-friendly – nothing to add more and nothing to take away – every thing on its own place. There can be one, but quality video, several, but the most suitable pictures, two or three colors of types, but those, which underline elegance of your website or other main features, colors of the product to express a unique brand idea.


Leo Burnett, the Founder of the Leo Burnett Company:

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

Lindon Leader, the Founder of Leader Creative:

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”


By the way, Steve Jobs was sure, that simple design helps users to clearly see the aim and make the idea of the product and how to use it obviously. (Source: The 6 Pillars of Steve Job`s Design Philosophy





Multivitamin and emotive

Raymond Loewy, “the man who designed everything”:

“Good design keeps the user happy…”


A clue of such design solution – a combination of pleasant colors, fonts, pictures, which reflect the inner state of happiness and pleasantly affect mood of every person. It creates home atmosphere, inspiring to buy the product for decoration, clothes, or will attract sweet tooth. 







Realistic and astonishing

Saul Bass, graphic designer:

“Design is thinking made visual.”


Realistic design solutions are always captivating and astonishing. They give people inspiration, feelings, impressions – and all these things are important in creating of “brand emotion”.  There are different variants of such kind of design: food (to feel the taste), beautiful landscapes (to feel the taste of journey), happy people (to express love and understanding), the clothes or products (the customer can see the quality and material and be captivated from the first page) and other. Each of them can evoke memorable reminiscence from our life.

To underline the ideas, designers can put the key sentences or words on the background of the picture using good-looking fonts.






Another part of design solutions lies in the view toward responsive web design. Responsive layout templates give you an opportunity to create pages for different screen resolution, optimizing the look of the website and making it more user-friendly.


With the increasing number of mobile users and possibilities of smart applications, as well as tablets, laptops, it becomes highly important for all businesses to have their own responsive web sites. According to the Infographic – “With more access coming from mobile devices, responsive web design is the key to converting visitors to customers.”…and to reach customer loyalty, because responsive web design first means to help the customer quickly find the right information. 


To reach the customers in the pharma field, there are special apps for a responsive development of high-quality content (presentations and eDetailing), which enable your creative agencies to create your content faster ever, knowing just a set of codes, a real masterpiece and show it to the physicians. With Cobalt Engine – a unique standard of HTML5 presentations development – your eDetailing production will turn into a creative process, saving your time and budget. Development of interactive presentations is even easier as development of responsive websites, while each side can contain animations, videos, pictures, graphics, and many other interactive elements to engage the customer to the dialogue. To get to know more about Cobalt Framework, visit the official website and contact us right away.


And, finally, we propose you to read a fun story about the customer journey through the website, which opens pros and cons of such small “websites” and real thoughts of a mobile device user – “Through the eyes of a mobile device user”.