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Cobalt engine opens a number of opportunities in eDetailing development due to standardization of the development process – it combines QUALITY and SPEED of programming, keeps CODE CLEAN and allows working with one team to receive UNIVERSAL HTML5 CONTENT, suitable for any CLM. The engine contributes to less resources consumption on HTML5 presentations development and adaptation, proving ease of use in a combination with high performance and scalability.

  • Standardized, automated and speeded up process of eDetailing development
  • Code reusability even in case of starting to work with a different provider
  • Easy change of the CLM system or device for viewing the presentation
  • Seamless change of any part of the presentation without affecting the whole structure
  • Significantly cut down budgets on eDetailing development, adaptation and localization
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Creative agencies

Digital and Creative agencies use Cobalt Engine to speed up and standardize the processes of high-quality interactive presentations and mobile apps development.

Pharma companies

Pharma companies use Cobalt Engine to transform digital content creation, editing and distribution into an independent process, delivering the value to each customer at time of their need. It simplifies approval process and adoption from global offices to affiliates. The ready-made digital presentations and mobile apps can be used in any global CLM/CRM system, on any device.

Freelance worker

Thanks to Cobalt Engine, freelance workers have an opportunity to achieve the level of Digital Agencies. Flexible price policy allows them to use Cobalt framework independently and individually, while user-friendly workspace – to develop HTML5 unique content and cross-platform apps over a short period of time.


Cobalt Engine – a universal framework for HTML5 presentations and mobile apps development – enables you to create content of your dream to build meaningful dialogues with the customers, using dynamic interactive slides and unlimited functions of the framework. You can see great examples of presentations developed for our customers below.